Psychological Evaluation and Treatment

Dr. Stamey offers a personalized approach to each patient's individual needs following psychological evaluation. She will be open to discuss your goals, the techniques considered or utilized to achieve those goals and the degree of progress in reaching goals of therapy.  

Dr. Stamey is a psychologist who uses the cognitive-behavioral therapeutic approach. This means patients are taught to understand the way their thinking affects their mood as well as their behavior.  If Dr. Stamey thinks you may benefit from medication in addition to "talk therapy", she will refer you to a prescriber/physician for a medication evaluation.  Psychologists do not prescribe medication.  

Confidentiality is one of the most important components between a psychologist and patient.  Dr. Stamey will protect your confidentiality and your right to privacy. However, Dr. Stamey is legally and ethically bound to break confidentiality if she thinks that you are in imminent danger to yourself or someone else (suicidal, child abuse, homicidal threats). If you wish to have your information be shared with your referral source or another individual, you must sign a written consent.